Based on the community’s support as expressed in the results of the 2016 election, the National Alliance, the United St. Maarten Party and the Democratic Party have rejoined in coalition to continue the work that was started in 2015 under the umbrella of the United Democratic Alliance. During this limited time, achievements were made to move Sint Maarten forward. The continued union of the United Democratic Alliance is a solid base to ensure the achievements towards the stability and growth of Sint Maarten. Given the parties' desire to continue developing a sustainable, equitable and flourishing Sint Maarten for all, the governing program 2016- 2020 has been named "Stability for Prosperity!”

  • The United St. Maarten Party was established in 2013 with the vision to educate and elevate the nations people to operate at the highest level. The USP name is in keeping with the party's core beliefs of building from the bottom up, recognizing the resilience of St. Maarteners as a people. The USP recognizes the shared history and many characteristics that bind us all together. As such the party is committed to governing for all of St. Maarten's people. The United St. Maarten Party is committed to sustainable economic development through stable and transparent governing. During this governing period, USP to provide prosperous employment and business opportunities, affordable housing, quality health care, and a safe and secure community.

  • The National Alliance is a Social Democratic Christian political party that was established on 2001 as a successor of the St. Maarten Patriotic Movement and then the Sint Maarten Patriotic Alliance. The ideology of the party was established at the inauguration. The organization is and has always represented the masses of Sint Maarten against the so-called elite. Inclusion has always been a cornerstone of the party. Through a combination of social, environmental and infrastructural projects the party supports the total development of the island.

    During this governing period, the National Alliance is confident that with commitment of all members a period of stability will lead to growth to the benefit of all.

  • The Democratic Party (DP) of Sint Maarten is the oldest political party on the island of Sint Maarten, founded in July 1954 by the legendary personalities of the late Dr. A. C. Wathey and the late Percy “Clem” D. Labega. The party was founded on the principles of democracy, inclusion and progress and is credited for taking Sint Maarten out of obscurity in the early sixties.

    In 2014, the constitution of the Party was amended, maintaining its original philosophy, girded by Christian and social democratic principles.

    In our ever changing world, the Party has sought to constantly re-invent itself and strengthen its base, combining a youthful and experienced cadre of party officers. In the new political reality of country Sint Maarten, the DP is seen as a stable and reliable party and partner, stressing on Transparency, Integrity and Openness; Social Development, Economy and Jobs and the Environment.