Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure

The objective of the Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Development, Environment and Infrastructure (VROMI) is to represent the internal affairs of the country in the fields of public housing, spatial planning, the environment, nature and infrastructure.

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New: Presentation Parliament Year Plan 2017 of Public Housing, Spatial Development, Environment and Infrastructure

Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure
Christopher T. Emmanuel E-mail cabinet +1721 5206573
"We choose to do it differently, because we know we can”

Promote integrity and transparency

Initiative Project
Strengthen provisions and access to information by the public
  • Maintain weekly press briefings
Review and strengthen relations with government owned companies, foundations and ZBO's
  • Promote and monitor improvement of operations efficiency and transparency
  • Review the legislative framework that governs the Corporate Governance Council and Corporate Governance Code
  • Review the articles of incorporation

Provide responsive public services

Initiative Project
Improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Reduce bureaucracy and publish standardized procedures
  • Ensure inter-ministerial collaboration, tripartite processes, and consultations with key stakeholders and the public
Stimulate the use of innovation and technology
  • Realize a comprehensive Geographic Information System for Sint Maarten

Respect cultural and art resources

Initiative Project
Foster understanding, pride, appreciation and respect for our natural and cultural heritage
  • Establish an independent Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Review Council
Promote patriotism and national pride
  • Facilitate the carrying?out of economic valuation studies of natural heritage

Upgrade government operations

Initiative Project
Strengthen strategic planning and develop monitoring and evaluation frameworks
  • Ensure that each ministry creates plans as extrapolated from the multi-annual budget in conformity with a standard format
  • Ensure each ministry has a research agenda and monitoring and evaluation framework attached

Strengthen international affairs and foreign relations

Initiative Project
Strengthen cooperation with international organizations
  • Strengthen engagement with local Nature Organizations, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in the Caribbean regarding tangible and intangible heritage preservation

Nurture inclusion

Initiative Project
Develop closer ties with Saint Martin
  • Address existing cross border issues
Ensure the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Focus on the remaining targets and objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Review and execute the recommendations made by relevant government commissioned work groups
Strengthening community development
  • Develop community centers in the districts

Improve tax office, fiscal policy and compliance

Initiative Project
Improve compliance
  • Further collaborate among the existing control units to pool resources
Review fiscal policy
  • Stimulate home ownership via tax incentives

Secure a balanced budget and responsible spending

Initiative Project
Implement income generating measures
  • Implement an environment impact fee for tourists
  • Pursue legislation to raise revenue on placement of signs
Introduce, review and enforce the collection of fees and debts
  • Finalize, introduce and regulate garbage collection fee
  • Finalize a sewage collection levy
  • Assess and increase all monetary sanctions

Implement ordinances and policies to address safety

Initiative Project
Improve health safety
  • Draft policy to regulate septic and water trucks

Strengthen safety and security

Initiative Project
Ensure a safe and positive learning environment for all students
  • Review and enforce safety regulations at school premises

Regulate socio-economic and environmental sustainability

Initiative Project
Approve and implement the new VROMI Ordinance
  • Finalize the island-wide zoning project including environmental and nature policy plans
  • Continue engaging citizens in discussions about future plans for the zoning of the island
  • Increase enforcement of and adherence to existing policies and ordinances on solid and liquid waste management
  • Finalize legislation on plastic bags
  • Address recycling and reuse of products at present
Implement and enforce necessary legislation and policies in Environment
  • Finalize the legislation for joint authority to address health safety issues and environmental concerns
  • Draft, implement and enforce a Beach Protection Ordinance
  • Review the possibilities to implement and enforce the hindrance ordinance and permits for the Cay Bay area
  • Draft implement and enforce legislation setting criteria for the import, sale, re-collection and export of products that impact the environment
  • Establish minimum socio-economic and environmental criteria for new projects

Responsible energy production and consumption

Initiative Project
Implement the Energy Policy Plan
  • Review and intensify the Energy Policy Plan
  • Approve legislation for the Energy-Buy-Back policy
  • Review and where necessary amend the electricity concession
  • Initiate and aid the building of facilities in support of clean energy production on suitable land
  • Investigate the possibilities of partnering with neighboring islands pertaining to the generation of renewable energy
  • Work together with investors and environmental protection organizations to implement renewable energy
  • Introduce alternative fuel for GEBE in order to reduce the cost of electricity and stabilize the fuel clause
  • Promote grid level storage of solar and wind energy
  • Promote through a public-private partnerships the realization of a fuel farm
Promote the use of green energy for production of electricity and water for Sint Maarten?s consumption
  • Draft, implement, support legislation and incentives aimed at encouraging the use of solar water heating systems and panels for homes and businesses
  • Grant concessions to companies willing to invest in wind, solar and wave energy in Sint Maarten and sell to GEBE
  • Place solar panels at parking locations to protect parked cars and provide power to the GEBE grid
Stimulate and support clean, renewable and affordable energy and water management infrastructure and initiatives
  • Review the management and distribution of drinking water
  • Install solar powered street lighting to reduce the energy consumed

Enhance infrastructure management

Initiative Project
Continue with the renovation and upgrading of schools
  • Finalize the renovation of the Education Care Center/ Charles Leopold Bell School
  • Construct additional classrooms for Sint Maarten Vocational Training School and renovate Milton Peters College and Sundial
  • Finalize the construction of the Prins Willem Alexander School
  • Finalize installation of solar panels on schools and air conditioning in all classrooms
Improve quality of telecommunication
  • Implement collaborative protocol between stakeholders in urban infrastructure planning
Update and realize the execution of the Comprehensive Road Network Plan
  • Implement the Comprehensive Road Network Plan to improve and connect all districts and neighborhoods
  • Realize Dutch Quarter (co-financing), commitment 10th EDF and upgrade of the A.Th. Illidge road - D.Q. Phase 1
  • Resurface major roadways where needed
  • Upgrade and conduct structural maintenance on main roads
  • Continue with the hard surfacing of dirt roads
  • Allocate the 11th European Development Fund for further district improvements and upgrades
Proper management of water drainage
  • Build water catchments to alleviate flooding in vulnerable areas
  • Secure proper drainage in the hillside and low lying areas
  • Continue hard surfacing of trenches
  • Ensure all newly paved dirt roads are equipped for water drainage
  • Connect water waste from homes to central sewage systems
Expand the sewage network
  • Finalize the drafting of a Master Plan for Sewage Management
  • Connect remaining neighborhoods to a public sewage system
  • Secure financing towards the construction of additional sewage treatment facilities and related infrastructure
  • Construct additional sewage plants
Develop the infrastructure of the Simpson Bay Strip
Proper management of cemeteries
  • Increase the cemetery vaults
  • Regulate the maintenance of public and private cemeteries
  • Purchase land for an additional cemetery
  • Restore and renovate Cul de Sac historic cemetery wall

Preservation of natural resources

Initiative Project
Protect and preserve our waters
  • Stimulate cleanup and revitalize the wetland areas
  • Seek funding and expertise to conduct massive cleanups of the Simpson Bay Lagoon and the Great Salt Pond
  • Assess the mangrove population
  • Establish, expand and support marine, land-based and wetland protected areas to manage and safeguard areas of ecological value
Ensure responsible management of the environment
  • Realize a waste to energy plant that includes recycling
  • Organize educational public awareness program on waste management challenges and the need for sound management
  • Introduce garbage sorting at the source in government, homes, schools, public areas and businesses
  • Encourage businesses to implement sustainable management practices, recycle and care for the environment
  • Commission a Task Force to address the impact on climate change
Identify a site for the Creation of a Man and the Biosphere Reserve (MAB)

Streamline transportation systems

Initiative Project
Improve mobility
  • Regulate island-wide access to public transportation via the transportation plan
  • Improve infrastructure including sidewalks to promote safety and accessibility for road users, pedestrians and persons in wheelchair

Promote sports and wellness within communities

Initiative Project
Stimulate healthy living and well-being of all residents
  • Develop green areas such as parks
  • Construct side-walks in the districts, lanes for biking, jogging & walking, and clear paths for hiking through our hills

Care for the elderly and vulnerable

Initiative Project
Alleviate poverty
  • Provide GEBE social relief to citizens in need
Ensure sustainable living
  • Upgrade living conditions for the vulnerable and elderly through public private partnership
  • Realize affordable housing program for seniors, low income earners and persons with a disability

Ensure livable neighborhoods

Initiative Project
Review and expand housing vision
  • Review the housing vision and policy to meet the population's housing needs
  • Stimulate balanced communities
  • Seek land acquisition options for the realization of housing programs
  • Further collaborate with the Sint Maarten Housing Development Foundation to expand the housing supply
  • Relocate emergency homes
  • Realize public private partnerships with regards to new housing projects
  • Partner with property owners to develop their land to create more housing which would provide them with income and increase the value of their land
Provide opportunities to adequate and affordable housing
  • Create the environment for middle income earners and young professionals to rent or own their own homes
  • Stimulate entry level pricing schemes for affordable homes and condominium ownership to attract first time home-buyers
  • Realize 2-3 bedroom rental apartments in Upper Princes Quarter and other areas
  • Activate the Sint Maarten Housing Development Foundation Bank to provide affordable mortgages
  • Inventorize unfinished homes and review the possibilities to support completion for rental purposes
Further develop our neighborhoods
  • Secure land for infrastructure development in various communities
  • Allocate land for community gardens and exploitation of agriculture
  • Continue the district cleanliness and beautification project
  • Encourage property owners to clean up areas that have sewage, running water and garbage disposal challenges
  • Intensify inspection and enforcement of adherence to existing sewage, running water and garbage disposal policies and ordinances
  • Develop a public private partnership between the housing foundation and land owners to address and upgrade neighborhoods that are not in compliance with the Building Ordinance