Ministry of Justice

The objective of the Ministry of Justice is to create conditions for the enforcement of security, order and peace and upholding of the law within society.

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New: Presentation Parliament Year Plan 2017 of Justice 

Minister of Justice
Rafael A. Boasman E-mail cabinet +1721 5206079
"Impetus, a force that causes an object to begin moving, or to continue to move"

Promote integrity and transparency

Initiative Project
Strengthen provisions and access to information by the public
  • Maintain weekly press briefings
Review and strengthen relations with government owned companies, foundations and ZBO's
  • Promote and monitor improvement of operations efficiency and transparency
  • Review the legislative framework that governs the Corporate Governance Council and Corporate Governance Code
  • Review the articles of incorporation

Develop and provide the highest quality education system and training

Initiative Project
Stimulate life-long learning
  • Finalize the curriculum of the Justice Academy
  • Establish a Law school

Provide responsive public services

Initiative Project
Improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Reduce bureaucracy and publish standardized procedures
  • Ensure inter-ministerial collaboration, tripartite processes, and consultations with key stakeholders and the public

Upgrade government operations

Initiative Project
Strengthen strategic planning and develop monitoring and evaluation frameworks
  • Ensure that each ministry creates plans as extrapolated from the multi-annual budget in conformity with a standard format
  • Ensure each ministry has a research agenda and monitoring and evaluation framework attached

Nurture inclusion

Initiative Project
Develop closer ties with Saint Martin
  • Improve safety and security of all citizens with law enforcement officials on Dutch and French side
Ensure the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Focus on the remaining targets and objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Review and execute the recommendations made by relevant government commissioned work groups

Improve tax office, fiscal policy and compliance

Initiative Project
Improve compliance
  • Further collaborate among the existing control units to pool resources

Secure a balanced budget and responsible spending

Initiative Project
Implement income generating measures
  • Pursue legislation to raise revenue on placement of signs
Introduce, review and enforce the collection of fees and debts
  • Assess and increase all monetary sanctions
Seek alternative ways within Justice to contribute to the budget
  • Provide certified training to security companies by the Justice academy
  • Utilize the shooting range for commercial purposes
  • Review the crime fund
  • Research possibility of prisoners contributing to their incarceration cost
  • Advocate for international funding opportunities to tackle crime

Implement ordinances and policies to address safety

Initiative Project
Address legislation and policy to strengthen safety and security
  • Review and revise Algemene Politiekeur
  • Enact legislation to ensure privacy protection while carrying out video surveillance
  • Implement a policy and standards to regulate security companies
  • Combat cyber crime
  • Finalize the policy for the issuing of firearms licenses
  • Enact Pawn Shop legislation
  • Protect citizens right to report integrity concerns
Evaluate penalties for criminal acts
  • Review and expand alternative punishment for light crimes
  • Pursue an agreement with the Netherlands for dealing with severe criminals and/or crime
Review law and policy within the judicial and legal sector
  • Adapt Advocatenlandsverordening
  • Implement National ordinance administrative sanctions (Landsverordening bestuurlijke handhaving)
Finalize and implement legislation and policies in the Social Development sector
  • Evaluate laws addressing abuse of women, children and the vulnerable

Improve the efficiency, effectiveness and quality in the justice chain

Initiative Project
Optimize the operations of Prison
  • Upgrade and maintain the safety and security systems in Prison
  • Address staffing issues at the Prison
  • Review and address the shortage of staff at the Prison
  • Strengthen and equip the management
  • Assess competencies of staff and provide training
Strengthen the Police force
  • Review and implement recommendations of the Contouren nota on the strengthening of the police force
  • Address shortage of staff at the Police department
  • Utilize technology for quick information retrieval on the road
  • Review and seek implementation of a police information management system
  • Continue the development and implementation of training programs both locally and in partnership with the Kingdom and regional partners
Strengthen the Customs department
  • Acquire container scanners for the control of goods by Customs at all ports of entry
  • Increase and train the staff in Customs
  • Allocate funds and acquire equipment and material
Review and formalize the organizational structure of the Ministry of Justice
  • Adapt National ordinance structure and organization of national government (Landsverordening inrichting en organisatie landsoverheid - LIOL)
  • Adapt Organisatiebesluit Justitie
  • Finalize the establishment of the Judicial Care Services Department
  • Finalize the restructuring of the Staff bureau and the Judicial Affairs department
  • Finalize the organizational structure of the Justice Academy
Upgrade the operational management of the Ministry of Justice
  • Implement the feasible aspects of the Plans of Approach
  • Implement National Decree on legal status arrangements (Besluit rechtspositie regelingen) for Prison, Police and National Detectives
  • Further strengthen the National Detective Agency
  • Strengthen the Immigration & Border Control department
  • Build upon and improve the use of the K9-Unit within the justice chain
  • Reintegrate the Ministry of Justice Human Resources & Personnel department into the General Human Resources & Personnel department while strengthen this department with justice competencies
Increase resources within the law enforcement
  • Increase capacity to investigate, conduct surveillance, prevent, detect and solve crimes
  • Continue cooperation with Kingdom and regional partners in strengthening the justice chain
  • Improve the performance management policy in the entire ministry
  • Finalize the implementation of an integrated Justice Information System
  • Finalize the implementation of fully automated border control systems (kiosk, e-gates)
  • Finalize personnel claims
Tackle illegal immigration and human smuggling and trafficking
  • Review the National ordinance admission and expulsion (Toelating en uitzetting) and draft a national immigration policy
  • Improve the immigration enforcement process, tracking and compliance
  • Address and finalize the adult entertainment legislation and policy
  • Enhance combating illegal immigration at all ports of entry
  • Broaden human trafficking control and support mechanisms
  • Strengthen cooperation between Customs, Immigration & Border Control, Judicial Care Services, Education and Public Health departments

Strengthen safety and security

Initiative Project
Promote and protect the rights of the child
  • Establish a central reporting center for child abuse as well as reporting codes and investigation approaches
  • Create policy and implementation plan to ensure the Rights of the Child to a Nationality
  • Create policy and implementation plan to ensure the Rights of the Child to Education
  • Create a culture of intolerance against child abuse by breaking the Code of Silence through public awareness and training
Mitigate crime and improve safety in the community
  • Enable authorities to more effectively combat violent crimes
  • Finalize the implementation of the Camera project throughout the island
  • Support Neighborhood Watch and other programs
  • Combat the transportation and transshipment of illegal drugs
  • Reintroduce Zero Tolerance policy in traffic
  • Conduct a study on reducing imprisonment such as the Netherlands
Reduce youth crime
  • Intensify efforts with Community Police Officers to prevent crime amongst youth through crime prevention programs
  • Encourage community service activities for youth offenders who are convicted of committing minor crimes
  • Establish Youth Community Service policy for first offenders
  • Provide for rehabilitation programs and guidance for (youth) offenders project
  • Establish a boot camp style program for potential and first time young adolescent offenders

Enhance safety facilities and resources

Initiative Project
Upgrade and expand safety and security facilities within Justice
  • Finalize the upgrade and expansion of the Point Blanche prison and the House of Detention to meet Sint Maarten's needs and international standards
  • Realize segregation of prisoners based on type of crime and age
  • Upgrade and reinstate the Simpson Bay facility as a holding center for undocumented individuals
  • Finalize and expand the Youth Detention and Rehabilitation Facility for youth offenders
  • Provide a facility to house female youth offenders
Upgrade and expand fire department facilities and equipment
  • Finalize personnel claims
Utilize Voluntary Corps Sint Maarten
  • Review the possibilities to introduce compulsory semi-military service under the Voluntary Corps

Stimulate economic growth and development

Initiative Project
Intensify economic development
  • Establish an Investor's Economic Residency Program

Fortify and diversify the tourism sector

Initiative Project
Strengthen the maritime and aviation hub position of Sint Maarten
  • Formalize USA pre-clearance

Invest in human capital

Initiative Project
Support employment opportunities
  • Establish reintegration programs and opportunities for detainees

Preservation of natural resources

Initiative Project
Protect and preserve our waters
  • Seek cooperation with the Coast guard to enforce proper control of our bodies of water to avoid further pollution

Enact legislation and policies to improve quality of life

Initiative Project
Implement and enforce legislation and policies in the Public Health sector
  • Regulate the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes

Improve health care system

Initiative Project
Strengthen mental health services and facilities
  • Develop policy and facilities for the treatment of detainees with psychiatric challenges and their institutionalization

Strengthen youth opportunities

Initiative Project
Enhance youth involvement and development
  • Finalize Integrated Youth Framework to strengthen coordination amongst government stakeholders