Ministry of General Affairs

The objective of the Ministry of General Affairs (GA) is to represent the internal affairs of the country in the field of internal and Kingdom relations, foreign affairs, legal affairs and legislation, personnel policy, ICT, communication, public and internal services, program and project management, and fund-raising (fondsenwerving).

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New: Presentation Parliament Year Plan 2017 of General Affairs


Prime Minister | Minister of General Affairs
William V. Marlin E-mail cabinet +1721 520 5943
"Striving for improved support services by strengthening the public administration”

Promote integrity and transparency

Initiative Project
Address integrity and increase transparency and accountability within government
  • Continue with the execution of the recommendations to improve integrity
  • Subscribe to and comply with the criteria of the Open Government Partnership and Open Gov Guide
  • Review and standardize the screening process for ministers and other critical functions within government, government owned companies, foundations and ZBO's
  • Establish a policy on individual and collective accountability
  • Implement the whistle blower policy
  • Finalize the adaptation of the National Accountability Ordinance and general national decrees
Strengthen provisions and access to information by the public
  • Maintain weekly press briefings
  • Centralize and further utilize social media to optimize communication
  • Strengthen government website to be more user friendly
  • Promote public awareness and usage of the different media channels that government utilizes to communicate
  • Complete the national radio and television station
Review and strengthen relations with government owned companies, foundations and ZBO's
  • Promote and monitor improvement of operations efficiency and transparency
  • Review the legislative framework that governs the Corporate Governance Council and Corporate Governance Code
  • Review the articles of incorporation

Develop and provide the highest quality education system and training

Initiative Project
Stimulate life-long learning
  • Ensure continuing education for our civil service

Provide responsive public services

Initiative Project
Improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Reduce bureaucracy and publish standardized procedures
  • Promote awareness about citizens' rights and obligations
  • Promote awareness about government's services and access to these
  • Ensure inter-ministerial collaboration, tripartite processes, and consultations with key stakeholders and the public
  • Further improve the efficiency of the Public Service Center
  • Foster a service-minded mentality within civil servants
  • Introduce a national unique ID number for all citizens
Finalize the move to the new government building
  • Update and execute transition plan
  • Realize additional parking facilities at the new government building
  • Support the realization of a new parliament building
  • Realize new building for civil registry
Stimulate the use of innovation and technology
  • Further develop e-government to improve and strengthen public service
  • Utilize the functionality of the magnetic strips on the national id and drivers' licenses

Respect cultural and art resources

Initiative Project
Promote patriotism and national pride
  • Promote civic duties awareness campaign

Restructure and strengthen government organization

Initiative Project
Improve the operations and capacity of the department of Legal Affairs and Legislation
  • Improve the legal capacity
  • Finalize the review of all organic laws
  • Address the auditing, reviewing and reforming of policies and legislation based on an action plan of priority areas
  • Draft a plan to ensure that all information and legislation is also available in the English language
Strengthen the Cabinet of the Minister Plenipotentiary
  • Complete the integration of the Cabinet of the Minister Plenipotentiary into the National ordinance structure and organization of national government (Landsverordening inrichting en organisatie landsoverheid - LIOL)
  • Develop a vision and strategy for the Cabinet of the Minister Plenipotentiary

Upgrade government operations

Initiative Project
Finalize electoral reform
  • Finalize the process to enable students abroad to vote
  • Legislate voting day procedure
Review the ICT policy and operations
  • Ensure proper risk management processes
  • Address and mitigate security and maintenance challenges
  • Regulate the use of social media
Strengthen strategic planning and develop monitoring and evaluation frameworks
  • Ensure that each ministry creates plans as extrapolated from the multi-annual budget in conformity with a standard format
  • Ensure each ministry has a research agenda and monitoring and evaluation framework attached
Create a flexible work environment based on performance management
  • Offer flexible working schedules for civil servants
  • Draft a policy for day care at work for the children of civil servants

Strengthen international affairs and foreign relations

Initiative Project
Strengthen cooperation with international organizations
  • Explore the formalization of associate membership of the Caribbean Development Bank
  • Secure Associate membership in CARICOM
  • Continue to participate in the program of the Economic Commission of Latin America and Caribbean (ECLAC)
  • Continue to participate in Association of Caribbean States (ACS)
  • Strengthen engagement with local Nature Organizations, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in the Caribbean regarding tangible and intangible heritage preservation
Promote international and regional cooperation
  • Explore possibilities in attaining funding from other EU programs
  • Strengthen cooperation and networking with EU representatives via the Regional Authorizing Officer in implementing the 11th EDF Caribbean regional program
  • Strengthen the department for Interior Kingdom Relations (BAK)
  • Build bilateral relations with key countries that will aid in the economic advancement of Sint Maarten
  • Explore the advantages emanating from the agreement with the city of Tallahassee
  • Advocate the review of the visa policy
Promote Sint Maarten internationally and seek partnerships
  • Address treaties
  • Work towards meeting the human rights obligations
  • Ensure effective implementation of treaties

Nurture inclusion

Initiative Project
Develop closer ties with Saint Martin
  • Address existing cross border issues
  • Establish the land demarcation border
  • Resume and pursue new bilateral projects
  • Improve safety and security of all citizens with law enforcement officials on Dutch and French side
Strengthen relations with our Kingdom partners
  • Develop and strengthen our autonomy within our Constitutional status
  • Utilize the Cabinet of the Minister Plenipotentiary
Ensure the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Focus on the remaining targets and objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Review and execute the recommendations made by relevant government commissioned work groups

Secure a balanced budget and responsible spending

Initiative Project
Continue to seek efficiency in government and strengthen enforcement of policies
  • Reduce phone cost
  • Review policy on government vehicles
  • Address the incidents of high sick leave
  • Foster a culture and awareness to reduce waste
Seek alternative ways within Justice to contribute to the budget
  • Advocate for international funding opportunities to tackle crime

Implement ordinances and policies to address safety

Initiative Project
Address legislation and policy to strengthen safety and security
  • Protect citizens right to report integrity concerns
Review law and policy within the judicial and legal sector
  • Finalize the possibilities to implement the law on Small Claims Court

Improve the efficiency, effectiveness and quality in the justice chain

Initiative Project
Review and formalize the organizational structure of the Ministry of Justice
  • Adapt National ordinance structure and organization of national government (Landsverordening inrichting en organisatie landsoverheid - LIOL)
Upgrade the operational management of the Ministry of Justice
  • Implement National Decree on legal status arrangements (Besluit rechtspositie regelingen) for Prison, Police and National Detectives
  • Reintegrate the Ministry of Justice Human Resources & Personnel department into the General Human Resources & Personnel department while strengthen this department with justice competencies
Increase resources within the law enforcement
  • Continue cooperation with Kingdom and regional partners in strengthening the justice chain
  • Improve the performance management policy in the entire ministry

Strengthen safety and security

Initiative Project
Promote and protect the rights of the child
  • Create policy and implementation plan to ensure the Rights of the Child to a Nationality
Ensure a safe and positive learning environment for all students
  • Review and enforce safety regulations at school premises

Enhance safety facilities and resources

Initiative Project
Upgrade and expand fire department facilities and equipment
  • Invest in needed equipment
  • Invest in vehicles
Utilize Voluntary Corps Sint Maarten
  • Maximize utilization of the Voluntary Corps
  • Review the possibilities to introduce compulsory semi-military service under the Voluntary Corps

Stimulate economic growth and development

Initiative Project
Restructure the organizational structure of the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunication
  • Realize organizational changes within the ministry to support tourism niche markets diversification, such as sports-tourism, medical-tourism and edu-tourism
  • Review the organizational structure to include agriculture, fisheries and animal husbandry

Fortify and diversify the tourism sector

Initiative Project
Strengthen the maritime and aviation hub position of Sint Maarten
  • Formalize USA pre-clearance

Responsible energy production and consumption

Initiative Project
Implement the Energy Policy Plan
  • Investigate the possibilities of partnering with neighboring islands pertaining to the generation of renewable energy
Promote the use of green energy for production of electricity and water for Sint Maarten?s consumption
  • Stimulate the use of sustainable energy at all government owned buildings, sport facilities and schools
  • Implement water saving techniques at all government facilities, schools and sports facilities
Stimulate and support clean, renewable and affordable energy and water management infrastructure and initiatives
  • Stimulate the introduction of electric vehicles and other sustainable cars
  • Develop global and regional partnerships made possible by the Paris COP 21 Agreement to make this transition economically realistic

Enhance infrastructure management

Initiative Project
Continue with the renovation and upgrading of schools
  • Execute assessment and maintenance of all educational facilities
Update and realize the execution of the Comprehensive Road Network Plan
  • Allocate the 11th European Development Fund for further district improvements and upgrades

Preservation of natural resources

Initiative Project
Protect and preserve our waters
  • Seek funding and expertise to conduct massive cleanups of the Simpson Bay Lagoon and the Great Salt Pond
Ensure responsible management of the environment
  • Organize educational public awareness program on waste management challenges and the need for sound management
  • Introduce garbage sorting at the source in government, homes, schools, public areas and businesses
  • Commission a Task Force to address the impact on climate change

Enact legislation and policies to improve quality of life

Initiative Project
Implement legislation, policies and improve data collection for youth
  • Finalize legislation for the Youth Employment Fund

Improve health care system

Initiative Project
Transition St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) to a General Hospital
  • Expand cooperation between the health care institutions on Sint Maarten and the Caribbean