Ministries introduction

The Government on Sint Maarten consist of the Governor and the Council of Ministers of which the Prime Minister is the chairman. Each minister is responsible for his or her ministry consisting of various departments and executing bodies. The governing program serves as a foundation in the execution of the ministers projects and is divided over five strategic objectives. To define the specific work that must be done, each strategic objective is translated into well-defined themes, feasible initiatives and projects.

Each ministry is responsible for initiatives and the execution thereof. Although some initiatives may fall within the purview of one ministry, the execution of most of the initiatives require active contribution from and cooperation with multiple ministries. Inter-ministerial cooperation is crucial. 

To obtain information from any of the seven ministries, select the ministry of choice. For general information about the strategic objectives within the governing program, refer to Nation Building & Good Governance, Sound Financial Management, Public Safety, Socio-economic & Environmental Sustainability along with Enhanced Quality of Life, from which over 130 initiatives were envisioned.